Specialty Equipment

Mikron HSM 600U LP 5-Axis Machining Center
    • Combitec CT450-3 Spindle CNC ID Grinder
      3 High-speed spindles arranged in a parallel configuration, individual splindle speeds up to 45,000 RPM, 75,000 RPM and 105,000 RPM. Equipped with in-process gaging. Capable of maintaining near perfect concentricity, squareness and roundness.
    • Kellenberger Kel Varia CNC Grinder (OD & ID)
      Highest precision universal grinding system. Hydro-static slide ways allow superior accuracy and long life performance. Features C-axis out-of-round grinding (polygonal shapes, both internal and external).
    • Inspection Equipment

    • Zeiss Prismo S-ACC CMM
      Highest standard scanning measuring instrument. Provides high accuracy and speed along with an outstanding resistance to ambient conditions.