Outside of Christopher Tool
Engineering and machine tooling specialists

Christopher Tool is defined by the parts we manufacture, the state-of-the-art equipment we operate and the dedication of our people.

About Christopher Tool

The way we work

The steady growth that we’ve sustained over the years closely parallels the energy and commitment of our people. The managers set the tone for all to follow by their unwavering work ethic. Everyone understands our responsibility to our customers to provide a reliable service that meets or exceeds their highest business standards.

The workforce is divided into three work teams that operate as independent enterprises with common goals. They all strive to ship parts on time and with zero defects. They understand that continuous improvement is an ongoing process that will keep us competitive and assure our customers that they are not paying for waste and inefficiency.

Christopher Tool and all of its employees accept the challenge to be the best in a global marketplace.

Company Philosophy

Christopher Tool was built upon respect, both for our customers and our employees. We believe that ongoing training for our employees and an enthusiastic approach towards every challenge creates an environment for finding the best solution to problems.

We also support our community whenever possible with the belief that these efforts are crucial for the growth and development of our region.


Christopher Tool has been in business since 1951 and is in its third generation of management by the Christopher family. Our unflinching advancement toward innovative technologies and rising quality standards have kept our customers confident in our capabilities.